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kjrsound recording


located in greenpoint brooklyn

Production, Recording and Mixing Studio with a modern mix of Vintage analog gear and state of the art digital equipment.

20 years of recording and music experience providing the highest quality audio service from producing, recording and mixing.






Meet the Engineer

Kevin has recorded and mixed multiple full-length albums, indie films, web series, online commercials, podcasts, live sound, music productions. He also has recorded, directed and edited audio books for Audible.  He has worked on everything from mixing, sound design, voice-over, Foley, music composition and audio consulting. 


Kevin has been a musician and a songwriter for 20 years. He has traveled playing music throughout the United States, Europe, Guam, Hawaii and Japan.

In 2006, Kevin attended to the Conservatory of recording arts and Sciences; where he learned audio engineering and production from industry leaders in audio. After graduating audio school, Kevin worked at several recording and post-production studios in Pennsylvania and New York City.

In 2008, Kevin became a founding member of the indie band, Freelance Whales. While in Freelance Whales, Kevin collaborated on songwriting for two full-length albums, multiple singles and toured the US and internationally.